Many businesses have reservations when it comes to changing how they do their audits. It usually goes somewhere along the lines of thinking the current process isn’t broke, so why fix it? It does what it needs to do. And why spend money that does something they already do? The simple answer is because it does it better. And the benefits to be gained from doing so are substantial. 

Reporting is hard work

We’ve all been there, exporting data from an excel spreadsheet can be both time consuming and stressful. If you are still doing this for your audits, it’s time for an upgrade. Whilst you can get basic and useful information from looking at documents one-by-one, being able to see across multiple audits over time not only gives you a better insight, it also enables you to have a more informed opinion regarding performance and identifying issues. You could reveal areas where employees need more assistance or information.

Excel audits take so long

People like to do things that are easy and they don’t want to do anything that makes life harder, especially when it concerns audits which maintain quality and safety standards. It’s not uncommon for employees to see auditing technology as a burden – it’s something new they must learn, but those concerns disappear once they start using it and realising how much of a time saver it is.

The common practice for those not using audit technology is to add notes and images to each paper audit and then scan, upload and email those documents out. And once all that’s been done it’s a case of manually entering audit results into an excel spreadsheet. Not only is this laborious it can leave gaps in communications too. Alternatively, those using more integrated technology can add photos and notes into digital audits before sending off automatically. You can imagine the incredible amount of time it saves. Auditing this way also makes it much easier for employees to complete required checks, whilst providing the ability to communicate quickly across their team.

Communication is not clear

A great benefit to using digital audits is the speed of communication. With paper-based audits, or even when using excel templates and PDFs, which take far longer, auditors must return to their offices to attach photos and additional information. When the audit is digital, you instantly include all of that within the report. Additionally, these can then be emailed out in real-time to alert all relevant parties with a mobile device. Information travels seamlessly with no delay.

Many businesses, regardless of their size, lean on manual data entry, paper-based processes or ad-hoc solutions. By continuing to use these methods, it puts businesses at a disadvantage as the process takes up too much time. With an holistic auditing system, you can distinguish trends at every turn and act on them to benefit the business.  

If you’re looking for an easy way to digitise your audits and improve team communications, look at how OpsBase can help.

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OpsBase software is designed for busy restaurants bars, hotels and retailers. Manage your day-to-day operations on the move, report any issues with the click of a button, and communicate with your whole team, across multiple sites, all from one easy to set-up, simple to use app.

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