A Computer Maintenance Management System (or CMMS) centralises all daily maintenance processes and operations. It enables manufacturing businesses to digitally manage maintenance and optimises asset and equipment management, communication, work orders and maintenance reporting. Providing insight reporting software, a CMMS organises information about all operations to provide you with more information about your business than you’ve ever had before.

A CMMS Provides:

Maintenance Management

  • Carry out digital inspections to make performing maintenance faster
  • Checklists with built in troubleshooting guidance for your staff
  • Promotes collaboration across your team
  • Upload photos of issues in real time
  • Schedule inspections for equipment and machinery
  • Easily report faults, hazards and issues and assign them

Tasks and Digital Audits

  • Create digital checklists for all tasks
  • Have a digital record of everything

Issue Management

  • Report issues immediately and assign to correct staff members
  • Discuss all issues on any device so they can assigned, discussed, actioned and closed quicker than ever before
  • Provides oversight for which issues are raised most often and take longest resolve

Staff communication

  • Gives one platform for communicating with staff about anything in the business, so no more email!
  • Manage communications linked to each task easily and efficiently
  • Monitor all feedback in easily accessible place


  • See the strengths and weaknesses in your daily operations with in-depth reporting and insights
  • Understand how your team are performing more clearly
  • Understand how often equipment and machinery is breaking down


Why use CMMS software?

CMMS is important for manufacturers because it makes their business faster and more efficient and supports maintenance managers and departments to fulfil their primary objective: minimal downtime for equipment and machines. The more time a piece of equipment is working properly without major downtime, the better it is for the bottom line. By decreasing downtime, manufacturing businesses can complete additional orders and meet the demands of customers more often.

Which industries use a CMMS?

Every sector within manufacturing will benefit from using CMMS and it’s also prevalent in a number of other industries too:

  • Building and Facility Management
  • Utilities
  • Energy Plants
  • Theme Parks
  • Schools
  • Leisure Centres
  • Property Management
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Oil, Gas and Mining
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities
  • Sports Stadiums and Arenas

Which people benefit from using CMMS?

In some businesses there are only a small number of CMMS users, which are usually maintenance managers and whilst this approach can save money short term, it does provide problems.

  1. Fewer users means more workload on fewer people. This means they’ll be doing everything including creating tasks, building reports and general communication with teams.
  2. It restricts work rate and handicaps end results for all staff. When teams can’t see maintenance operations confusion is created, work is missed, mistakes are made and there’s a general lack of accountability.
  3. When only a few use the system it means other forms of communication need to be used to filter that out to other members of staff, so there are multiple communication platforms.

However, there are major benefits when more people have access to a CMMS.

  1. It means responsibility is shared across your business and it allows maintenance teams to have time for improvement and growth.
  2. More users means more data can be collected and analysed to help make more informed decisions.
  3. Have information about all assets in one place and have it accessible to everyone.
These are the job roles of who will be benefiting from using CMMS software in your businesses and how they can use it to positively impact their day-to-day.
Maintenance Managers

Creating and scheduling work orders, managing assets, creating reports and communicating with teams on issues.

Facility and Operations Managers

View schedules, metrics and performance data across the business to improve efficiency and carry out audits.

Reliability Engineers

Access relevant data, build reports and create processes to help reduce downtime.

Health and Safety Personnel

Gives them the ability to add health and safety information to one central system including policies, checklists, audits and certifications to help reduce safety risks.


Can view tasks, receive notifications and complete other tasks important for repair and inspection processes, allowing them to be more efficient and accurate.

Production Personnel (including machine operators and line supervisors)

A CMMS allows production personnel to submit requests and provide additional information to tasks so problems are actioned early and the repair process is more efficient.


Providing contractors with the ability to access your CMMS means they can view tasks, work orders and resources, and add important information and complete tasks themselves.

Executives and Senior Management Teams

CMMS software provides a great platform to view the entire businesses on and provides senior and executive members of staff with all insightful data about the businesses. When logging into a CMMS they’ll be able to view performance of maintenance operations and KPIs to help make more informed decisions in the future.

Important CMMS statistics with manufacturing

  • Using CMMS reduces work orders by 25%
  • CMMS increased planned maintenance rates by 6x
  • CMMS reduces time printing invoices by 95%
  • Increases productivity 26%
  • Saves downtime 32%
  • Site with CMMS spend 19.4% less than those without

If you would like to know more about how CMMS software can help your businesses you can sign up for your free trial and demo from OpsBase today.

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