There is no one way to manage warehouse operations but there are mistakes that need to be avoided to keep workspaces safe. Read on to find out what they are.

Incorrect lifting techniques

It’s no surprise back injuries are one of the main hazards for anyone working within the warehouse environment. Not only can they decrease productivity, they can also keep employees out of action for a long time depending on the severity. The problem often occurs because staff haven’t been trained correctly so it’s imperative for businesses to make sure they don’t make this mistake. Any post which requires any type of manual lifting should feature proper training during induction, so employees know the correct technique straight away. Additionally, it’s good practice to have routine refreshers to make sure staff haven’t drifted into bad lifting habits which can, and will, happen.

Poor layout

One of the key drivers for productivity and safety is how the working environment is laid out. A chaotic workspace can cause a multitude of occupational hazards with obstacles and obstructions blocking paths, often resulting in common accidents and injuries such as RSI (repetitive strain disorder), collisions, trips and falls. It’s much better to have clear working spaces marked out, giving employees designated areas to work in and making sure teams who work together are close together in the chain. The last thing you want is for someone having to walk to the other side of the warehouse 10 times a day.

Using paper-based processes

Not using the latest technology for paper-based processes is a common mistake both small and larger businesses are making. The thought has been paper keeps everything simple, but it has the opposite effect and slows down processes and causes issues with misplaced documents. With OpsBase you can use task management software to complete tasks with custom templates that makes you more efficient and warehouse spaces safer. They can also be accessed and completed via any device so your task lists are always at the end of your fingertips. Wouldn’t you rather have a trail of documents accessible within seconds rather than rooting around a busy workplace for them?


Aisles littered with shrink-wrap, pallets that are overfilled and docks rammed with too many items are all signs of a messy warehouse. Not only does it signify a warehouse with poor efficiency and productivity, it highlights obvious health and safety issues. If you’re aware of this in your workplace, enforcing a more stringent approach to housekeeping to ensure areas are tidied routinely and decluttered is key. Doing so at the end of each shift means the next one can begin in an environment set up for productivity.

Poor health and safety management

Looks can often be deceiving and even though a workspace may look immaculate, it doesn’t make it safe. Successful health and safety management in a warehouse is about looking for those hidden hazards, not just the obvious ones. This means near misses should also be reported, as well as actual accidents, and doing so will allow you to analyse potential causes and recurring dangers to find a solution that will save money and increase safety long term. Again, this is where OpsBase can help with a flexible and robust reporting dashboard, perfect for warehouse operations.

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