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The new normal: managing risk, safety, staff and customer distancing and hygiene in the age of COVID-19.


As a platform for deskless workers, there’s one thing all our customers have in common: working from home is not an option. Our customers face among the most challenging settings in which to implement new measures to protect staff, customers and their businesses.

OpsBase enables you to outline new and potentially unfamiliar processes to staff, with guidance when and where they need it, and is purpose built to ensure compliance, with alerts and notifications as soon as something isn’t right.

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  • Our customer service team will be in touch to set up your account. If you want us to set up your ops, you can pay a one time fee* for our expert team to assist you.
*Whilst our product is intuitive to set up, if you'd like additional help, training and our customer service to set your team and ops up on our platform, we do charge a one time fee for assisted set up of £250.

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Hospitality Saving Calculator 

Find out how much your restaurant, pub, bar or hotel could save annually  by going digital with OpsBase.


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Manufacturing Savings Calculator 

From swift digital audits to planned preventative maintenance, find out the savings to be made for your factory, production plant or warehouse.



Subscription will start as normal when signed up with zero value invoices being sent, and normal terms will apply, including your right to cancel at any time. Details here: http://bit.ly/OpsBaseSubAg
If you opt to pay for assisted set-up and onboarding, you will pay by card, and your card details will be kept and automatically billed when the subscription billing starts, unless you cancel your subscription before that date. If you opt for free set-up, we will ask for your card details after 3 months when the payments are due to start.
Pricing Guidance: following the free period subscription costs will be based on number of users. Customers would typically have admin users in positions where they need to manage operations, and see reports, and team users would be each member of staff who would complete an operation on a phone or tablet. For businesses with over 500 staff, contact us to discuss enterprise pricing.


Price per month Light (minimum £50) Complete (minimum £100)
Admin user £25 £35
Team User £2 £4
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