Forget WhatsApp, delete Messenger, shut your emails down. Text, talk, or take a photo and all your team, across multiple sites will be updated instantly.


staff management software for pubs, hotels and restaurants

Staff Communication Centre

Send, receive and track all your messages, so you can see who’s read it and whether the message has got through. From business critical update to staff parties, keep everyone in the know on one easy to use platform.

staff communication app and software for pubs, hotels and restaurants
hospitality team communications software

One team, one channel. 

Multiple apps and channels of communications can often mean messages are missed. Did you send it on email or WhatsApp? Did the whole team read the update? 

Update your team, or multiple teams, instantly of any urgent messages, advise on any company updates and importantly let your team feedback to you, without bombarding your personal mobile with multiple messages.

Keep key players

Not every shift will be perfect. Difficult customers, delivery or menu issues, even just a really busy day. It’s human to feel frustrated at times, but what if a team member is always at the frowny end of the scale? Worse still, what if it’s all 15 staff members on a weekly basis.  

Step in before your team becomes disengaged, and ultimately, before they’re offered something better. Offer support and guidance to those who may need it, fix managerial problems before they become an issue and help to resolve any on-floor or team issues with our post shift poll. 

multi platform communications tool for restaurants, pubs and hotels
hospitality team communications software

Ask the experts

Want to know if your new dish is a hit? Or what’s a new drink trend customers are asking for? Why not ask the experts? 

Your team are your eyes and ears, and Our intuitive speech to text function allows every team member to report on any issues immediately,  even if their hands are busy.

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