The sport club staff management tool that goes the extra mile. 

Everything you need for motivated staff, smooth operations and a healthy bottom line. 


What can OpsBase do for sports clubs?

Tasks and Compliance

Who, what and when become statements not questions. Check your business is in order across multiple sites at the touch of a button.

Issues and Maintenance

Raise, assign and resolve all kinds of issues on the move with ease. Resolve any issues on the go with full reports sent straight your device. 

Assets and Certification

Manage it all in one place. From warranties to hygiene certificates, no more filing, missed deadlines or overlooked paperwork. 

Staff Communications

Text. Talk. Or take a photo. We know your team are busy, our multi-channel team digital platform keep them in the know.

Team boards for modern age

By placing tablets around your business, team briefings, messages and communications are front of stage for passing staff.

Not every day will be smooth sailing, late deliveries, breakages, maintenance, let your team be your eyes and ears and report any issues before they become a real problem.

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Text. Talk. Or take a photo.

Connect with your staff the way you currently do: WhatsApp, email, SMS or with voice to text, simply speaking out loud.

Our intuitive speech to text function allows every team member to report on any issues immediately,  even if their hands are busy.

Running a successful sports club requires hard work, flair, imagination and a place people love to visit. So isn’t it frustrating when so much of the day is taken up by none of those things – admin, issues, compliance, and finances.

Let OpsBase make everyday better. 

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