Manage your food safety compliance and day-to-day operations with our easy to use restaurant task management app.


restaurant task management app with digital food safety management

Operational ease for busy restaurant teams

Problem? No problem.


Not everyday is smooth sailing. Breakages, wear and tear, missed deliveries, it all adds up and if they’re not resolved quickly can sneak up on you at your busiest time.

The OpsBase app means you can assign daily checks, weekly maintenance tasks and stay on top of any business critical compliance. Team members can report and document any issues, by text, uploading an image, even recording voice memos, to help you identify and resolve issues before they become a real problem.

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Easy visibility, every day


From opening to closing, cleaning to cooking, keeping compliant can leave a messy paper trail in its wake. External contractors, food safety, deliveries, produce rotation – the documentation often takes longer than the task.

What if we were to tell you, you could take a photo, send a text, or simply speak to your device or phone to log and complete your day-to-day tasks?

OpsBase gives you full visibility over the who, what and when so you can focus on great food and service.

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