The OpsBase machine learning algorithm turns your data into lower costs and higher production by identifying potential problems even before they occur.


Predictive Maintenance Software

What you could achieve

PPM in manufacturing prolongs the life of your plant, reduces repair costs by up to 12%, maintenance costs by 30% and can reduce downtime by 70%, keeping your business running with huge impacts to the bottom line (source).

Your own intelligent computerised data scientist

Instead of letting your data sit there and ‘gather dust’, OpsBase AI busily works in the background sifting through it looking for patterns in the way you and your assets work.

Predictive Maintenance Software
Predictive Maintenance Software

Take the right action, fast

Having identified trends in resource usage, time, errors, breakdowns and everything else you choose to record, OpsBase AI will highlight opportunities for action, allowing you to adjust tasks, maintenance schedules and other processes so that you can solve issues before they occur.

Save money and increase production

Being able to ‘see into the future’ with easy-to-understand predictive analytics means that you can carry out preventive maintenance, leading to reduced costs and increased production efficiencies. Where every penny counts, OpsBase AI keeps you competitive.

Predictive Maintenance Software

Insight and oversight

100% transparency and instant analytics reports for your entire department or organisation are available at your fingertips. Simple, professional reporting enables you to evaluate performance, spot patterns and trends and take action where it matters most. Boost your performance and take your preventative maintenance to the next level.

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