Automated sensor monitoring and paperless Legionella management software

Automated flow and temperature monitoring sensors with paperless checks and inspections in a single compliance system

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Complete Legionella Control

Bring efficiency, accuracy and reliability to your legionella control

  • Automated temperature and flow monitoring
  • Scheduled audit, inspection, risk assessment and maintenance
  • Asset focused log book and reporting
  • Suitable for in-house or service providers

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Reduce your ‘just in case’ checks by 80%.

OpsBase sensors will monitor your pipes, air conditioning, heating and outlets 24/7, alerting you to flow has become stagnant within the high risk temperature range. This means onsite checklists, and precautionary flushing can be reduced substantially, saving time, fuel and money while increasing compliance.

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Scheduled maintenance linked to assets

When physical visits are needed, either reactive or planned, your engineers have a clear schedule on their mobile device, identifying the precise asset to be inspected. This provides a complete history of monitoring, audit / inspection history, and issues raised and resolved, for every tap, HVAC and pipe in your facility..

Total safety and complete compliance


With complete records at your fingertips, you can ensure safety and satisfy HSG274 and SFG20 compliance with comprehensive reporting, issues tracking and report exports to demonstrate compliance to whoever needs to know.

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