There have been many great missions in the history of the world. Some personal favourites include the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969, the operation to save Private Ryan in world war 2 and the journey to the centre of the earth. And this week, whilst not quite one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind, our latest release is a significant move forward for our team as we went on an epic mission to make upgrades, and lots of them, so using our platform is better than ever before.

The mission is one of a number of highlights from our latest release which features yet more improvements for our customers following a huge update one last month. Other standout features include ‘closed-loop’ auditing and quick reporting on whatever you’re looking at and we’ll talk about them in the more detail below.

July’s release featured a host of hotly requested features and enterprise-level functionality, and we’ve been working at what feels like the speed of light to upgrade and add sparkle as we look to provide our customers with the best possible experience.


We always encourage our customers to be blunt, give us their honest feedback and let us refine the system so they can get everything they want from it. And it’s for this reason we’re delighted to share that our new release features over 70 individual tweaks and upgrades. 

Closed-Loop Auditing Functionality

We’re really proud of the reporting features within the platform, and we’ve tightly integrated the process of carrying out audits/ops and follow-up actions/issues to give customers easier access to viewing which ops and issues have been raised. This is a great addition to our task management software and provides a clearer overview for managers whilst making it easier to perform broader reports to get a better insight into how the workforce is performing. 

Quick Reporting

With better information about their business customers can make quicker and more informed decisions. A great example of how it works is if a customer is looking at a member of staff’s record they can quickly view all Ops they’ve completed and all Issues that have been assigned to them. It’s simple to use, quick to get the information you want and, as ever, is another nifty feature making managing multiple sites from one location so much easier.

So there we go, another update to our ever-improving platform after extensive testing, lots of feedback and one epic summer time mission to give our customers the best experience possible.

Learn more about our latest update in a new webinar.

Carmelo Ruggieri

Content Marketing Executive

Carmelo has years of experience in marketing, loves of all things tech and is a regular contributor to the OpsBase blog. He enjoys writing almost as much as he enjoys eating crunchy peanut butter and is likely to be found doing one or the other at any given point in time.

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