Empower your whole team to strive for perfection, by giving them the tools to raise issues by simply speaking into their phone, or taking a photo.


restaurant employee scheduling, rota software, staff shift software

Let your team be your eyes and ears

Not every day will be smooth sailing, late deliveries, breakages, maintenance, let your team be your quality control and report any issues before they become a real problem.

restaurant employee scheduling, rota software, staff shift software

Smart workflows to stay on top

Whether for maintenance, front line staff or management, issues can be directed, tracked and resolved with ease. And you get front row seats, wherever you are.

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Digital staff rotas and workforce management software

Complete visibility. Every day.

When something goes wrong, a missed delivery, a broken fridge, an unexpected leak, finding a resolution fast is the key to keeping the cogs turning.

OpsBase gives you full visibility over your entire team and any issues for your immediate attention. Assign the right people to solve the problem, digitally document for insurance purposes, and update your team through their own device once everything is ship shape again.

Is it fixed yet?

With full accountability and oversight, you and your team will get notifications and be constantly informed of the state of play.

And full reporting tells you if issues are on the rise, and whether you are getting faster as resolving them.

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