One of the most notable things about the technological age and progress over the last 10 to 15 years is just how many industries are using smart technology for their daily operations. For some industries, it was to be expected, whereas for others the shift was quite surprising. One industry that did experience a shift is food and beverage. With the rise of debit and credit cards becoming the prime method of payment for are lot of people across the world, restaurant and other food businesses were under pressure to keep up with the trend. And this has also been true for food safety and consequently food safety software.

We all know the ability to prevent contamination, maintain quality and monitor operations are of the upmost important for food safety. Whilst common health concerns are usually associated with eggs and raw meats, safety is also about the preparation of food, including acquisition and preparation. Therefore, the need to stay ahead of things with food safety software solutions is more important than it ever has been.
To stay in touch with the speedy ascent of professional technology, a plethora of software options have been developed, each serving its own function, attempting to address a particular area of concern or suit a specific need. Concerning the food service industry there are so many solutions, taking on everything from payment, stocking to staffing and ordering. These are unfamiliar times for most of the industry, and it makes perfect sense that a piece of software should come along that changes the way food safety is handled.

At OpsBase we’ve developed a product that helps business stay compliant to HACCP. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point is what’s used to regulate and standardise procedure for food safety applies to anywhere where food is made to be sold to the public, including restaurants, hotels, food manufacturing plants, pubs, nurseries – anywhere. And one of the great things our customers love about our app is the ability to use technology to make HACCP easy.

The best way to stay compliant is put simply: lists. And having specific HACCP designed checklists to hand on any device will keep track of your safety procedures and meet regulations. By using the OpsBase app you’ll be getting rid of paper-based processes and making the whole process easier to manage. Knowing the everyday tasks, you know who you need your business to do is essential as you can pop them straight into our software to build your own system. The depth is massive too; you can do simple to-do-lists each day, full compliance assessments and even have a digital record of everything so your audit trail is never too far away.

Using a clever integrated system, every member of the team can communicate with each other meaning managers can see when tasks are done, and employees can escalate issues as soon as they arise. This can be done with a simple text or voice message and photos so issues never linger for too long.

One of the most popular features with our customers is the ability for them to view real time insights. It allows them to see exactly what’s going on in their business, who’s doing what and see any trends with output and issues.

So if you’re still searching for an answer to the question of this blog the answer is yes! Speak with a member of our team to find even more about how our food safety software will help keep your business HACCP compliant.

Carmelo Ruggieri

Content Marketing Executive

Carmelo has years of experience in marketing, loves of all things tech and is a regular contributor to the OpsBase blog. He enjoys writing almost as much as he enjoys eating crunchy peanut butter and is likely to be found doing one or the other at any given point in time.

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