There are lots of occasions when managers and other members of the workforce would have preferred to have known about a particular issue the moment it occured. Whilst manually sending alerts via a CMMS system is an effective way to speed up maintenance within manufacturing and many other industries, there are still additional solutions which can be used to make the process even quicker and more efficient.

A conveyor belt breaks down and an employee logs into the CMMS and reports the issue through the platform, informing the relevant colleague and assigning them to the task. The technician receives it, accepts it and it’s added to their task list. Everything is tracked and data will show how fast it was reported, who by, who to, and how long it took to resolve. It’s a solid process. But it can be even better. 

Using IoT (Internet of Things) technology, OpsBase allows your business to go multiple steps further. A conveyor belt is about to break again and a technician is notified before it breaks down, and this time the process is automatic and predictive. Not reactive. The OpsBase CMMS (through IoT sensors) is constantly tracking the conveyor belt. When the system detects a fault or potential breakdown (e.g. an unusual vibration pattern), a signal is sent out and the workflow process is automatically initiated. Manual processes are eliminated and monitoring becomes automated as internet-connected sensors do the work for you.

The key to this is that the sensor doesn’t just collect the data for later analysis, or send an alert when something goes out of range. By connecting your sensor data to a workflow engine such as OpsBase, the out-of-range data is the start of an automated process that might include:

  • Send an alert to the Manager on Duty
  • Automatically raise an issue and assign to the relevant personnel
  • Trigger an Op (a business process) such as a pre-work risk assessment

Workflow Triggers: Types of Sensors

Vibration and temperature sensors have been used across various industries to speed up maintenance processes becoming even more effective when paired with IoT (i.e. they are internet-connected) to save time and money.

Vibration Sensors: an essential part of any effective predictive maintenance strategy, they sense different conditions such as excessive vibrations and suboptimal speeds to send alerts to the CMMS and trigger the workflow. To put into context how important they are, one study found 90% of machinery benefits from condition monitoring via vibration sensors

Where they’re commonly used:

  • Fans and Compressors
  • Water Pump Monitoring
  • Wind Turbines
  • Motors, Belts, Gearboxes and Chillers
  • Roller Bearings

Temperature Sensors: a critical solution for preventing Legionella, this technology is utilised across manufacturing, facilities and hospitality to provide exceptional connectivity, analytics and automation, including workflow triggers.

Where they’re used:

  • Pipe Monitoring 
  • Kitchens and Washrooms
  • Cold Storage and Transported Goods

Benefits of OpsBase Sensor Technology

OpsBase sensors are tiny, inexpensive and can be easily installed within seconds with no downtime. They are easily integrated with your existing internet-connected systems with all data easily viewable in a single, central dashboard with your checks and audit data. The OpsBase system will also connect to any existing sensor technology you may already have – enabling you to leverage the automated workflow processes without investing in new hardware.

Ultimately, this is about finding solutions to issues before they even happen, facilitating the use of predictive analytics to make significant time and cost savings. Many systems have lots of data to view but what sets OpsBase apart is what’s done with that data. The platform’s algorithm analyses long term sensor data to predict what will happen in the future so you can take preventive measures to stop breakdowns ahead of time. No alarms and no surprises.

Sign up for your free trial and demo and find out just how much time and money OpsBase will save your business.

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