The quicker you can tackle an issue, the better it is for your business. Whether that’s trying to fix a small problem like a sticking door or something larger such as a pipe leak, these need to be resolved efficiently and quickly so they cause minimum disruption to workplace operations.

Of course, all businesses want to resolve issues in the shortest possible time but we know it’s not always that easy despite best efforts.

Nevertheless, there are ways to make sure issues are always resolved quickly to keep teams productive, ways to make sure small problems don’t become bigger, and ways to see how this can affect business. And we’re going to share them with you.

Resolve problems quicker

An issue occurring at another site can often take up so much time out of the day. Let’s say there’s a fault with an important piece of equipment. Firstly, the problem needs to be identified and then the right person needs to be contacted so it can be fixed. Doing so not only eats up valuable time it can disrupt an entire team whilst it’s being sorted. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

With OpsBase, you can start getting the issue resolved as soon as it’s known. Team members can log a problem from any device, take a picture to provide a better understanding and include notes on what the problem might be so you can see, and know, everything without being on-site. You can also assign the issue to a relevant person who is on-site and get it sorted ASAP.

Nip small issues in the bud

We know even those problems that seemed small can end up being much bigger than anticipated. That crack in the wall just got bigger and is now crumbling away, the light bulb that was on the blink has completely gone and operatives can’t see their workspace properly. Small issues do happen, and they will escalate when nobody has time to oversee them.

However, using OpsBase, problems can be highlighted and communicated effectively by any body. Perhaps a team member from another department walks by when everyone is at lunch and spots something. They can report it straight away. The platform gives everyone the ability to make sure workspaces are as safe as possible at all times.

Use reporting to highlight hidden issues

When problems keep reoccurring and the same issue is continually being resolved week after week it can sometimes be hard to get to the core of what keeps going wrong. However, having access to statistics enables you to see patterns, notice trends and find solutions so teams get back to day-to-day tasks quicker.

If that bulb has gone out again, you can log into the app and see there’s been numerous actions assigned to the same area in the last couple of months. But only now has it become so obvious, and with notes and photos to refer to, you have a clearer picture. The area is then checked for a deeper-lying problem and faulty wiring is identified. Once that’s rectified, the bulb works all the time, staff don’t have to go through periods with limited light and the workplace remains safe for everyone. Job done.

With the OpsBase app, issues can be identified and resolved quickly. Save time and money with a more efficient way to communicate across your business.  

Daily task management, issue resolution and team communications, all from one platform.

OpsBase software is designed for busy restaurants bars, hotels and retailers. Manage your day-to-day operations on the move, report any issues with the click of a button, and communicate with your whole team, across multiple sites, all from one easy to set-up, simple to use app.

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