We’re confident when we say that every business wants to find the secret to higher employee productivity. To have a happy, healthy, efficient and hardworking workforce is the dream, right? So, with that in mind, we’ve explored some of the methods you can employ to ensure your people and other business resources are being effectively employed for maximum innovation and output. Without further ado, here are six ideas to consider.

1. Invest in training

Want to know how to be more productive at work? One of the best ways to boost work productivity is to invest in better training for your staff. Look at the needs of your organisation in terms of its strategic intent and direction. Ask what customers want. Know what the industry demands of you. This will help you to better train to meet the changing needs of your market. Strategic tools such as PESTLE and SWOT analysis can assist you with this.

2. Remove daily blockers

Are your staff constantly frustrated by slow till systems or outdated policies at work? Are there delays to invoice payments or silo mentalities between teams that make it hard for employees to work together? Work productivity will rapidly improve if you can remove these blockers. Task your teams to identify blockers to their work efficiency and then identify ways to improve processes. This will cut waste, frustration and lost time and allow your business to work more effectively with higher outputs.

3. Invest in the right tech

Technology is a great enabler in business and work efficiency will grow if you can implement the right systems to save time, money and waste. The right technology will improve oversight, allow collaboration, better idea generation, more robust business processes and easier record-keeping. It will make it easier for your business to serve customers, whilst better understanding their needs. With today’s cloud deployment, it needn’t be expensive to invest in technology either.

4. Encourage flexible working

Wondering how to be more productive at work through flexibility? If it’s feasible, let your employees work elsewhere! Teleworking, remote working, flexible working… call it what you will, but if you allow your team the freedom to work from home or out of the office at appropriate times, they will invariably work better and more productively. Work with your HR department to create the right policies and invest in laptops and other communications technology that makes it easier to work off-site. If your business means it’s not possible to work off-site, perhaps consider flexibility when it comes to shifts. To determine what your employees would value most, have a chat with them to get some feedback.

5. Redesign your workspace

If your work space doesn’t currently encourage a culture of innovation and creativity, it will be hampering productivity. Is the place in need of a little revamp? From fresh paint on the walls to perhaps some funky artwork, changing up the décor can go a long way to help your employees (and your customers) feel refreshed. Is there a dedicated area for staff breaks? Bright, open areas with plenty of natural light will help them to feel rejuvenated and ready to go back to their shift. Ask for input from your teams so that they can make suggestions as to how the office or workspace area can be further improved and developed to make it easier for them to do their jobs. Greenery is also proven to improve the general wellbeing of your staff.

6. Celebrate success

Every individual wants to be recognised and celebrated for their hard work. So, make sure your organisation has a culture of recognising and rewarding success. Implement a formal scheme to reward high performance but also get into the habit of saying thank you for a job well done. The more you can create a rewarding culture of innovation, creativity and recognition for a job well done, the more you will encourage your staff to go the extra mile.

All these ideas will help to create that culture of high productivity that will allow you to stand out and succeed in your marketplace. The good news too is that many of them require little investment to implement. If the prospect of reengineering your business to boost productivity seems too daunting, simply take the continuous improvement approach to find small and incremental improvements, and be sure to get your teams involved at all levels.

Front line workers will invariably know where the barriers to productivity currently lie and are able to make workable and practical solutions that can be prioritised. Don’t feel that you need to solve these issues on your own or at management level; the more you can engage your teams across the board, the more bought-in and motivated they will be to own better productivity solutions and to make them work.

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