There are so many reasons why you should invest in a CMMS system for your business. Here are 6 of them.

Reduce downtime

  • CMMS software allows maintenance managers to identify equipment problems early and minimise downtime. This is estimated to cost factories 5-20% of their productive capacity.
  • Manufacturers can take control of their maintenance backlog, allowing tasks to be scheduled, assigned and prioritised.
  • By knowing when certain machinery or equipment isn’t going to be in use, it allows businesses to better plan workload and reduce the impact of downtime.
  • CMMS reduces the time it takes to inspect and repair equipment and machinery.
  • Technicians can log into the platform on any device, find information about the asset they need and get tasks done quickly.

Get data on maintenance costs

  • Track everything connected to work orders and tasks, making it easier to track costs and the amount of time everything takes.
  • Have data to prove value in proactive maintenance operations.

Increase efficiency

  • Scheduling maintenance carefully will help reduce time, money and resources being wasted.
  • A CMMS will assist in recording, tracking and analysing the performance of assets.
  • With the right information perfect the frequency of preventive maintenance tasks and make sure maintenance schedules use your workforce effectively.

Standardise maintenance processes

  • Create maintenance checklists, reporting templates and tasks so they’re easier and quicker to complete.
  • Having these resources available to use digitally, means all relevant members of your team can access the same information and follow the same working practices.

Report on your KPIs

  • A CMMS records numbers all the time so you can easily analyse historical data about your business and performance.
  • You won’t need paper or an excel spreadsheet again because everything is tracked and stored within the software meaning it’s all in one place and easily accessible.
  • Analyse data, create reports, spot problems and share immediately across the business to people in other departments or even on other sites.

Provide staff with quickly accessible work orders

  • Using CMMS means you can track work orders, limit backlog, build effective schedules, plan production and make good use of your budget.
  • Get immediate updates on work orders, see who’s been assigned to them and how long it’s taking so additional resources can be allocated if needed.

Every role in your factory will have different responsibilities and roles from cost reduction and dealing with issues quickly, to completing everyday tasks, tracking and reporting on metrics. Whatever the role, CMMS software makes it easier for them to do their job and benefits the business, adding real value by eliminating errors, maximising areas of opportunity and using the talent you have available in a much better way. To start benefiting from CMMS software yourself, sign up with us for your free trial and demo

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