Luke Raskino is no stranger in taking innovative ideas and making them a reality. Straight off the back of launching a successful clean energy drink, Flyte, he wanted to create a space where healthy food and drink products could be safely manufactured and tested out with customers, all at the same location. Welcome Delicious Labs, a new concept food and drink laboratory with a friendly cafe on site.

Luke has global clients that enlist his teams’ expertise to bring these ideas to life. After the development of these products, they are then sold in the cafe, Rooted, to get a sense of who, when and why they’ll be enjoyed. Food Safety and HACCP compliance is one of his top priorities.

We wanted to create a truly exemplary program on food safety with everything we do so that we can comply with the highest standards in the industry with our client projects.

In order to stay at the forefront of manufacturing advancements and customer demand, he knew that traditional pen and paper wouldn’t do the trick. With a short time to launch and absolute need for a platform that fully fulfilled his compliance needs, Luke turned to OpsBase for a solution.

We wanted to have a very digital data driven – as opposed to an analog driven – method of due diligence and data capture to ensure that our streams comply with all of our processes.

Delicious Labs chose OpsBase because not only would it help them organise their operations and processes efficiently, but it would report back to them, and their clients, the data they need to ensure that the products being manufactured are done so in a safe and healthy environment, and in line with their HACCP plans. Kaitlyn, from our Customer Success team, worked closely with Luke in problem solving and conceptualising Ops that would work best for him and his team.

Everybody else took a week or two to respond to our inquiry, but OpsBase responded to us the same day, visited us a couple days later, scoped out our needs, kept problem solving with us with how we could best structure our processes on site, and delivered the framework on time and in full.

And, may we add, right on time! Soon after implementing OpsBase in to their daily operations, Delicious Labs was visited by an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) and received a 5* rating.

Not only did we get the 5* review, but the inspector told us that we were such an example that she actually wants to bring other junior inspectors to our site to show them how food hygiene can be managed efficiently.

In the run up to the grand re-opening of Rooted, Luke and his team have been busy in the kitchen creating new food and beverage products for the Putney population, make sure to swing by and check them out.

Need to know more about HACCP compliance checklists? Kaitlyn has written a handy guide here

Samantha Graves

Samantha Graves

Digital Marketing Manager

With a career spanning 10 years in a mix of hospitality and technology marketing, Sam brings her know-how to the OpsBase blog on a regular basis. Focused on providing quality hospitality marketing advice, some favourite topics include CRO, SEO and best practice content marketing techniques. Llama lover, food scoffer, all round digital native.

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